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The Missing Ingredients - Practical Design Patterns and Coding Practices

presented by Paul Brown

Can't Get Enough .NET?

If you are a .NET developer or an information technology professional with a thirst for knowledge and you live in the Springfield, Illinois, area, then the Sangamon Valley .NET User Group (SVNUG) is for you! SVNUG offers local Microsoft technologists the opportunity to connect with other local technology professionals in a fun and engaging environment that emphasizes the power of the group's collective knowledge and experience. SVNUG also provides local .NET professionals with the opportunity to present on technology topics near and dear to them—Windows Azure, Windows Server, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Entity Framework (EF), Silverlight, HTML5 and JavaScript, WinRT, Metro, and many more. Presentations are a great way for members to build their industry knowledge, skill sets, and resumes. Best of all, it's completely FREE!

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Stuff Not Fluff

The Sangamon Valley .NET User Group (SVNUG) is about working together to explore new and fascinating .NET technologies using real-world knowledge and expertise—no more, no less. SVNUG will never be about vendors selling you third-party components or recruiters soliciting you to join their ranks. You will never be sold anything at SVNUG—except the opportunity to explore .NET technology in an open and collaborative environment. SVNUG is about stuff, not fluff.

Give Us an Hour, and We'll Save You Twenty

Let's face it: .NET technology changes fast, and keeping up with it on your own is time-consuming and frustrating. Let the Sangamon Valley .NET User Group (SVNUG) help. From engaging presentations to professional-grade technical videos to the latest news from Microsoft and other industry leaders, SVNUG makes it easy to stay at the top of your game... err... code! Why spend countless hours researching the latest .NET technology on your own instead of utilizing our outstanding presentations, videos, and articles from local, regional, and national .NET experts.

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SVNUG on Hiatus—September 2014

Over four years ago, a small cadre of .NET practitioners and enthusiasts held the first Sangamon Valley .NET User Group (SVNUG) monthly meeting on the west side of Springfield, Illinois. The topic was ASP.NET MVC 2. Since then, we’ve explored new and exciting technologies, promoted best practices, and encouraged personal and professional growth and excellence in the art of software development.

Almost five years later now, the SVNUG leadership has decided that, due to a number of factors, it is time for a break. The group will be on hiatus indefinitely while we reassess our direction and goals for the group going forward.

Thank you to all of our past presenters who have devoted countless hours preparing educational, enlightening, and entertaining SVNUG presentations, and thank you to our sponsors, who have made these past several years possible!